> 1.  I have found that the best way to change attitudes is by being willing
> to be changed.  It's a dance - holding on to one's values, have opinions
> questioned, and possibly finding them wrong.

Well and succinctly put. In thinking through the dynamics of dialogue, I 
find that certain aphorisms repeatedly come to mind--especially the biblical 
proverb "A soft answer turns away anger." It's so gratifying to watch this 
happen in real life: to see defensive attitudes soften when approached by 
someone with an open heart and mind.

>2.  If we think we can't argue with a brick wall, we could very well be
>that brick wall if we are not careful.

Indeed. This makes me wonder about the value of written dialogue--by email 
or letter. The time required by the writing process (assuming we're not just 
shooting off angry emails) lends itself to the sort of care and 
introspection to which Brad alludes.

John Backman
The Dialogue Venture 


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