There are two things in this conversation that need to be separated, one is the personal need or urge to act or in some way to relieve or mediate differences. The other is different from the act or urge but deeply connected to it, that is the need to look at one's self and the resulting consequences of events on individual growth and understanding. 

Too often a person or group will decide for various reasons, good and bad, that collective action should be taken and then we have wars and what have you, good and bad. Dialogue supports inquiry and without inquiry there is a diminished sense of the collective consciousness of the community. Without that level of consciousness wars and the wars to end wars will be with us. Once we are allowed to engage in inquiry we get a better sense of ourselves and of the community we identify with. Acting at that level has a more effective sense of integrity and a response that might make more sense (to me).

I believe that the roots of genocide and war and the political and economic disparities lies in the supporting assumptions that go unexamined. Dialogue, that includes open and unmediated inquiry (Bohmian) that can reveal these precursors to communal violence and abuse. Once they are engaged and we have a de-facto genocide then each of us is bound to act according to our conscience, in support or in opposition - the symptom is war, and inevitable. Where do we intervene to break the cycle. Choose what works best from your level of consciousness, I don't intend to go to war to make you agree with me and I hope you will not impose your view on me by force or intimidation. Rather, lets talk about what is within us individually to see where our consciousness is focused. Inquiry is a fine art that improves and strengthens with practice. 

Rogier Gregoire

On Jul 6, 2007, at 8:49 AM, Steven M wrote:

When genocide occurs, the entire civilized world has a responsibility to intervene. Try telling the victims of genocide that our American identity is too abstract to take concrete action. I guarantee you, they sense their own ethnicity/nationality identity all too clearly in times like that.

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